Henna drawqing designs

Indian brides have been decorating their hands with henna for decades now. Historically, henna with its cooling properties, was applied on hands and feet to cool one is body.

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The beautiful stain that it left on the skin after its application led to the practice of making designs with it on one is hands and feet. Over the years, henna drawqing designs have evolved and have become much more intricate. Each design has a specific meaning attached to it and knowing these meanings will throw a whole new light on the significance of henna art.

Henna Flower Designs – henna drawqing designs

One of the most popular designs, flowers symbolise joy and happiness.

Henna Buds

Buds are used to signify the start of a new life. They can also be interpreted as meaning fertility and joy.

Henna Lotus Designs – henna drawqing designs

The lotus stands for a myriad of virtues—creativity, grace, sensuality, beauty, femininity, and purity. The lotus is also said to represent the awakening of one is soul.

Henna Peacock Designs

The peacock is a beautiful bird that looks exquisite when adopted as a henna design.

Henna Bird Designs – henna drawqing designs

Apart from peacocks, many other birds such as parrots and sparrows are also quite popular and are incorporated in henna designs.

Henna Butterflies And Dragonflies – henna drawqing designs

While butterflies signify transformation and change, dragonflies are associated with rebirth.

Henna Sun Designs – henna drawqing designs

The sun has always been considered the ultimate source of energy according to our Indian culture.

Significance Of The Henna Applied On Your Body Part

Apart from the designs having specific meanings, which part of the body you have the design on also holds significance. For instance, having a henna drawqing designs on your hands / palms signifies an offering from you to the world. A henna design on the back of your hand symbolises protection; so you might want to choose a design that has strong qualities associated with it.

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